About Me

My Name is Justin, I’m married with three children, work full time in Cambridge and more importantly I live in Eynesbury.

This would be my second term onto the town council if elected. In my last term (2007-2011) on the Town Council a few things were achieved.

As a council:

1. The Cinema project was signed off and negation’s began to identify sites, operators and Contractors for the project.

2. Also turned around the Town Councils finances leaving healthy reserves for the next administration.

3. Stepped in and organised the annual riverside festival after volunteer organisers struggled to find time and resources to organise and prepare.


I do not believe that one should tow a political party line in local council. Each and every member should have their own opinion and thoughts on the Ward they represent and on how the town is run.

I have no political agenda or pecuniary interests for wanting to be elected.

Please show your support for a Town not run by politics but by residents who want to make a difference.


Vote for an independent for Eynesbury and an independent town council.